Review Highlights on Chinese Characters: Five Millennia

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2010-03-23 14:06:52 

An Academic, Authoritative and Professional Masterpiece

Hu Zhengrong:

The extensive interviews with experts across the world and the ingenious position- ing of historical data in the document give testimony to the creators’ expert data accu- mulation and global vision.

Yu Hong:

Undoubtedly the citations of scholars in the document render the program aca- demic, professional and authoritative. And the stirring captions easily take the viewers into the historical context.

Shen Weixing:

Oriented toward high academic standards, the document is precise in historical narration and objective in elaboration. When it comes to the evolution of Chinese characters, the program neither hides the demerits nor invents any merits because the creators know better than to overrate or undervalue Chinese culture, which contin- ues to change. The successive appearance of the world renowned linguists, historians, or cultural scholars like Zhou Youguang, Li Xueqin, Ge Jianxiong, Guo Fang, etc, together with their authoritative opinions, analysis or commentaries, lays a solid foun- dation for the scientific and academic qual- ity of the program.

Popular Multimedia

Ye Peigui:

I’m confident that this documentary will become a masterpiece to disseminate the culture of Chinese characters. The graphic age has imbued Chinese characters with boundless vitality. With a bright pros- pect of infinite expansion, Chinese culture will become a global one of increasing in- fluence.

Ai Fei:

The eight-episode documentary Chinese Characters: Five Millennia disseminates knowledge about Chinese characters to our fellow countrymen and promotes Chinese teaching in the world. Suited to modern times and imbued with a sense of history, it serves as a cultural model for displaying and lifting the image of China.

Shen Weixing:

The shooting of Chinese Characters: Five Millennia is a wise choice in the sense that it is based on a sagacious perception of the core elements, aesthetic essence, and spiri- tual values of Chinese culture. It is intended for people both in China and abroad. For people abroad, Chinese Characters: Five Millennia is indeed an excellent work in cultural exchange.

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