Review Highlights on Chinese Characters: Five Millennia

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2010-03-23 14:06:52 

Fresh Nourishment from Traditional Chinese Culture

Ai Fei:

Chinese Characters: Five Millennia traces the origin and evolution of sinographs, interpreting history with the camera. Meanwhile with meticulous description, boundless enthusiasm, and vivid images, the documentary fills us with cultural re- spect, inspires us to cultural improvement, and nourishes our cultural confidence. We can capitalize on the unique advantage and powerful function of Chinese characters to make giant strides in our undertakings at present and contribute to the future glory of the nation.

Shen Weixing:

A great cultural wealth, Chinese charac- ters have been benefitting the Chinese nation with generosity. With a huge volume of data, the documentary affirms that Chinese char- acters, the oldest and steadiest script in the world, have never ceased to be. Instead the script keeps “face-lifting” and modifying itself in secrecy. This unique phenomenon makes it possible to preserve the richest record of civilization and provide more than one-third of the people in the world with a medium of communication. On the one hand the Chinese-speaking nations get nourishment from Chinese characters; on the other hand, the nearby ethic groups such as the Hun, the Turk, the Mongolian, the Dangxiang, the Ko- rean, the Japanese and the Indian all attribute the preservation of their cultures to Chinese characters to a certain extent.

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