Review Highlights on Chinese Characters: Five Millennia

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2010-03-23 14:06:52 

Global Vision and Human Concern

Wang Nengxian (Research Fellow, Vice President, China Art Academy):

With global vision and human concern, this excellent documentary is a compre- hensive, historical, and vivid interpreta- tion of Chinese characters from a cultural perspective. It is informative, revealing and inspiring. Its coverage of brush-making, paper-making, printing, calligraphy, cou- plets, poetry which are all closely related to Chinese characters and its exploration of the Chinese culture embodied in Chinese characters are well worth savoring.

Ai Fei:

Although Chinese Characters: Five Mil- lennia is intended to trace the origin and development of Chinese characters, it is not confined to a historical narration. Instead it is endowed with social and human concern. As such, the logical narration and philo- sophical analysis of the documentary over- flow with a poetic flavor and aesthetic taste. Meanwhile the program is interspersed with some moving scenes and fascinating stories, which irresistibly pull at the viewers’ heart- strings. Therefore, the viewers are rationally equipped with cultural cognition, while reveling in its emotional persuasion and aes- thetic nurturing.

Ye Peigui (Professor, Director, the Institute of Chinese Calligraphy, Capital Normal University):

Instead of a mere interpretation of theChinese logograms, the documentary offers a picture of the long, charming history and culture of China as well as other scripts and cultures that go along with their Chinese counterparts. In this global and historical context, Chinese characters appear irresist- ibly thrilling to the viewers.

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