Review Highlights on Chinese Characters: Five Millennia

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2010-03-23 14:06:52 

A Portait of the Five-Millennium Chinese Civilization

Hu Zhengrong (Professor, Vice President of Communication University of China):

This documentary appears mighty and eloquent. Historical facts are interspersed with expert interpretation and analysis. Based on history, it goes without the heavy aspect of history. Historical data are in- terwoven and explained in a simple and interesting manner. Moreover the program is dotted with knowledge about the origin of ancient scripts. To sum up, it is informa- tive about philology, but entertaining as a program imbued with lifelike cartoons.

Ai Fei (Research Fellow, Vice President of Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences):

This document is innovative in many aspects. It is an animated cartoon, a history representation, a sweet romance, and an ingenious combination of anecdotes and story telling. Hence the otherwise monoto- nous history is infused with an artistic soul and the otherwise withered annals, with a profound aesthetic taste, thereby arousing a great interest in the historical journey and a strong desire for an aesthetic experience.

Yu Hong (Professor, Vice Chairperson of the School of Arts, Peking University):

The documentary, entertaining and artis- tic, is continuously arousing the viewers’ in- terest with its terrific pictures, while shifting rhythmically and reasonably from captions to graphics and realistic views. The program employs various means of visual expression. A historical allusion, for instance, is illus- trated by a cartoon of drawings on some bricks from the Han Dynasty (206 BC–AD 220). Visually fresh, the primitive simplic- ity of the image and the naïve lines on the frame fit the theme and style perfectly.

Shen Weixing (Senior Journalist, Director of Editorial Affairs, Guangming Daily):

The creators of the documentary begin with a humanistic concern. As a result, they can fully digest the source materials at first and then rearrange them around the theme. Finally they present copious descriptions of Chinese characters from the most humanis- tic perspectives. In so doing they enjoy free rein to highlight the humanistic aspect of Chinese characters.

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