Over One Thousand Overseas Volunteer Chinese Teachers in Thailand Finish Their Work and Return Home

[Source]    Chinanewsnet [Time]    2010-03-19 17:18:57 

Recently, the 8th group of Hanban’s overseas volunteer Chinese teachers in Thailand who were dispatched in May 2009 have fulfilled their mission and returned to China safe and sound. On March 12th, 15th and 17th, Hanban’s Thailand Office and the Higher Education Commission, Private Education Commission, Basic Education Commission, and Vocational Education Commission of Thailand jointly held 3 farewell parties in Bangkok to send off volunteer Chinese teachers. The volunteer teachers left Thailand reluctantly with good memories of the friendship between the two peoples.

Ekaphong Lauhatiansint, a representative from the Thai Higher Education Commission stated that by the volunteer Chinese teachers leaving their homes and devoting themselves to the cause of Chinese language education, they offered Thai university students an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and culture. Their efforts have also greatly promoted the popularity of learning Chinese and improved the teaching quality of Chinese in Thailand. There were many comments from Thai universities that these volunteer Chinese teachers have worked very hard and they had deeply impressed their counterparts and students in Thailand.

Ms. Sireethorn Benjangkabrasert, a representative from the Thai Private Education Commission praised the Overseas Volunteer Chinese Teacher program for being a model of friendly cooperation between nations. The program received broad welcome from the teachers, students and parents in Thailand during the past 6 years. As the very first Thai governmental organization who called for Chinese teachers, the Private Education Commission is delighted to see that volunteer teachers have achieved significant accomplishments in Thai private schools. She also stated that the Thai Private Education Commission is looking forward to seeing more volunteer Chinese teachers join in the team for Chinese teaching in Thailand.

Ms. Usanee Wattanaphan, a representative from the Basic Education Commission of Thailand pointed out that the volunteer Chinese teachers are the elites of Chinese teaching among public education sector of Thailand. At present, there are more than 600 schools with Chinese curricula with more than 200,000 students learning Chinese in Thailand. In 2009, in all of the foreign language exams taken by Thai students, the only exam that students received a perfect mark on was Chinese, a clear indicator of the outstanding work done by the volunteer teachers. In addition, the teachers became well integrated in Thai society; they established deep friendships with the Thai teachers and students. Ms Wattanaphan went on to state that she hoped the volunteer teachers would continue this friendship even upon their return home, and make further contributions to the friendship between the two countries and peoples.

This year for the first time, the Education Commission of Thailand awarded volunteer Chinese teachers with memorandum certificates in order to express their appreciation of the hard work and selfless contribution of the teachers’. The certificate winners were very excited and expressed their gratitude to the education commission and Hanban for the awards

Before the volunteer teachers left, the organizers of the event commended 97 excellent volunteer Chinese teachers and awarded them with certificates to thank them for their participation. (Contributed by www.Chinanews.com.cn, Bangkok, March 17th, Gu Shihong & Huang Zheyu)