The Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Concludes 2nd Chinese Teachers Training Course

[Source]    Division of Human Resources Development of the CIH [Time]    2010-03-18 17:06:38 

The Confucius Institute at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University concluded the second Chinese teachers training course from March 13th-14th, 2010. Over 30 Chinese teachers in Kyushu took part in the training.

Several famous scholars such as Prof. Iwanami Shoten, Prof. Hideki Kimura, Prof. Sugimura Hirofumi, and Prof. Zhu Chunyue together with other scholars of Chinese language were invited to give lectures on the theme of “Elementary Chinese Teaching: From Pronunciation to Usage of Complements”. The lecture was very diverse, and included topics such as “The four tones of spoken Mandarin”, the usage of action and non-action verbs, and the usage of “了”, “还” and “才”. In addition, speakers answered questions from participants and offered useful and practical methods to improve their Chinese teaching. Every participant greatly benefited from the lectures.

Attendees stated that they learned a lot from the nearly 5-hour session and hoped for more chances of attending such lectures in order to communicate and exchange with other teachers.


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