Letter of Condolences to Institute Directors and Teachers in Chile

[Source]    hanban [Time]    2010-03-01 09:10:56 

Dear Institute directors and teachers:

We hope that you are all well.

We have been shocked to learn of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake which has happened in Chile. All the staff of Hanban & the Confucius Institute Headquarters are concerned about your safety. After numerous and varied inquiries, we are satisfied that you are in a safe condition. Please accept our deep condolences and greetings.

Upon the occurrence of the earthquake, you informed your family and the Confucius Institute Headquarters and contacted the Chinese Embassy in Chile in a timely manner, checking the Institute facilities and working hard towards resuming Chinese teaching in the Institutes as soon as possible. You are devoted to your designated tasks and have been united in facing the disaster calmly. We admire your spirit!

It is said that two universities have been affected by the earthquake to some extent; in particular, the Catholic University, which has been left with no water or electricity supply, the teachers there are facing difficulties. You must take care of yourself, follow the Embassy’s arrangements, and cooperate with the university. We will keep close contact with the Embassy as well as the universities in which you are working, with a view to providing you with the necessary help and support you may require at any time, so as to help you overcome the disaster.

Hanban & Confucius Institute Headquarters

March 1st, 2010