The Art Troupe of Beijing Sport University Performs at the Confucius Institute in Bergen, Norway

[Source]    Division of Human Resources Development of the CIH [Time]    2010-02-10 17:59:59 

From January 6th to 8th, the Art Troupe of Beijing Sport University, which was dispatched by Hanban, gave two marvelous performances in Bergen. Over 3,000 people attended the performances, including secondary and primary school students and the general public.

On January 8th, Prof. Eli bergsvik, Rector of Bergen University College, Prof. Cheng Xuemeng from the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Norway, Li Guorong, chief reporter of Xinhua News Agency in Norway and the entire staff from the institute watched the performance. In addition, over 1,600 secondary and primary school students watched the performance with their teachers.

The performance began with a cheerful Lion Dance. Two enthusiastic athletes mimicked a lion’s movements in a lion costume together with a distinctive drumbeat. Their colorful costumes and flamboyant moves garnered warm rounds of applause. The principal dancer, Ma Qiong, who is also the winner of the Beijing Dance Competition, performed a Mongolian dance as well as a Dai traditional Peacock Dance. In addition, the art troupe performed some Tai Chi, and showed the stances of Drunken Fist, Mantis Fist, Snake Fist, Dog Fist and Eagle Talon Fist, together with using a South Chinese broadsword, a three knurl stick, a single knife and two knives. Athletes from the institute also gave a martial arts performance.

The directors of Beijing Sport University paid close attention to the tour. Seventeen outstanding athletes participated in the performance, such as Yu Pe, one of China’s delegates and presenters during the 2008 Olympic Games, Ye Zipeng, the national all-round champion of the 4th World Dragon & Lion Dance Championships and Ma Lan, winner of the ‘Long Fist’ at the 10th Wushu World Championships.

The stands were packed

An aerial Tai Chi performance

Athletes from the institute performing martial arts

The Art Troupe from Beijing Sport University posing for pictures with the Norway Council and Chinese representatives of the institute


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