Hanban Director-General Xu Lin Visits Prestigious Contemporary Composer Gu Jianfen

[Source]    Division of General Affairs [Time]    2009-11-09 16:16:51 

Nov. 6th, Beijing—Madam Xu Lin, Director-General of the International Chinese Language Council, General Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters met with Madam Gu Jianfen, formerly the Chinese Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and former Vice President of the Chinese Musicians Association, at Gu’s home.

Madam  is a prestigious contemporary composer who has created thousands of well-known songs such as: Mama in the Candle Light, Today Is Your Birthday. Since 2004, Gu devoted herself to composing music to accompany ancient Chinese poems, she has composed music for the Three Character Scripture, Pupils’Rules and Disciplines, A Tranquil Night as well as over ten pieces of music for the New Classroom Songs.

Director Xu began by introducing the backgrounds of Confucius Institutes around the world and the development of worldwide Chinese language promotion; she made special note of Gu’s contributions in creating new vehicles for the dissemination of Chinese literary classics and stated that Chinese traditional culture is a cosmopolitical heritage and most suitable for dissemination. She said that combining music and Chinese literature is a very effective way to promote language and culture. Director Xu told Gu that the New Classroom Songs are not only easy to learn for foreign learners, thus aiding the dissemination of Chinese culture and ideology, but they also raise the profile of Chinese culture and enrich the Confucius Institute’s elite teaching resources. Director Xu stated that the New Classroom Songs will also serve as Hanban’s Chinese teaching resources in the near future and are considered to be a project serving as pieces amongst Hanban’s new series of music based Chinese teaching materials. In addition, Director Xu extended an invitation for Gu and her husband to visit the Confucius Institute Headquarters.
Madam Gu was pleased to accept Director Xu’s invitation and expressed her willingness to cooperate with Hanban so as to push forward more musical interpretations of classical Chinese literary works.

Xia Jianhui, Chief of Division of General Affairs and staff from the Division of New Initiatives also accompanied Xu during her visit.