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--Notes on the Frankfurt Book Fair

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2009-10-22 14:06:52 

Issue of Chinese Characters: Five Millennia in Nine Languages

Nine language versions of the documentary Chinese Characters: Five Millennia made its global debut at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The books and DVDs of the documentary are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Thai. This documentary, produced by Hanban, shows the magnificent history of Chinese linguistic culture and gives a clear outline of Chinese cultural history. Mdm. Xu Lin said it took the crew two years to interview more than 100 famous scholars and sinologists. "This is the most systematic documentary telling how Chinese characters evolved." Prof. Xu Jialu, President of International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and chief consultant for the documentary, said the documentary took the perspective of human civilization development to pursue and demonstrate the spiritual ties of the continuous Chinese culture. It was systematic, in-depth and suited both refined and popular tastes, which was a successful approach to the "going-out" strategy for Chinese culture, he said. Several sinologists, including Inspector of Chinese Teaching in France Joel Bellassen, who also appeared in an interview in the documentary, were present at the debut ceremony. A five-minute clip from the documentary was played at the ceremony. All the audience was moved by its excellent quality and the profound Chinese culture.

The promotion meeting of I Speak Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks, and the press conference for Discover China, a new Chinese-teaching book, were also held on the fair.

Mr. Liu Binjie, Director of General Administration of Press and Publications, and Mr. Wu Shulin, vice director of the administration, visited Hanban's booth at the fair. Mr. Wu said: "I think Hanban's booth has the most appealing Chinese cultural atmosphere. It meets the need of overseas Chinese learners and it's a success. The Sino-German Cultural Exchange Press Conference held by Hanban is especially successful. It makes a good start for the whole book fair."

After visiting Hanban's booth, a German visitor said: "Chinese is not as difficult as I had thought. Chinese culture is so interesting". A retired German teacher, also an art-lover, said he would give Hanban's booth the maximum score. He said he became even more interested in Chinese culture through this visit.

The Frankfurt Book Fair concluded on Oct. 18. But it is just a beginning for culture-exchange organizations with the "going-out" task. Mdm. Xu Lin said the Frankfurt Book Fair was an excellent platform for international exchanges and China should make better use of this platform to introduce and promote Chinese culture to the world.

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