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--Notes on the Frankfurt Book Fair

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Fruitful Copyright Trading and Cooperation

The Frankfurt Book Fair is considered the largest marketing event for international sale of rights and licenses. The fair was open to professionals from October 14-16 and formal negotiations for copyright sales were also held during that period. Hanban made fruitful achievements in those three days. On October 14 alone, it signed six agreements on cooperation and copyright transfer.

During the fair, Hanban and the Pearson Education Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on developing high school and university Chinese teaching materials in North America. This is the first direct cooperation between Hanban and an international publishing group and is of pioneering significance. After the signing ceremony, Mdm. Xu said: "We hope other foreign publishers will join us to compile Chinese textbooks because they know foreign discourse systems and cultural differences. They can better integrate the promotion of Chinese language and culture with the actual needs in their countries. Pearson Education Group is a famous teaching materials publisher. Cooperation with Pearson will serve as an impetus for other foreign publishers". Phil Müller, a Pearson vice president, said the group also placed great importance on cooperation with Hanban.

Hanban also signed an MOU with the Standing Conference of the Ministry of Education and Culture Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) on enhancing language teaching in the basic education sector. According to the agreement, Hanban will invite 50 high school principals and 200 senior high school students to China every year. Hanban will also provide one-year scholarship for 50 German high school students. KMK Secretary-General Dr. Thies said the successful cooperation between the two countries resulted from mutual trust and opening and that the bilateral exchanges and cooperation had not only been within the circles of politicians, officials and researchers but also among teachers and students.

Hanban will also provide Goettingen University, in Lower Saxony, with financial assistance to set up a Contemporary Chinese Society and Economy faculty position and a Teaching Chinese as Second Language faculty position in hopes of training more local Chinese teachers in Germany.

During the book fair, Hanban signed more than 10 agreements on cooperation and copyright transfer, including an MOU on Chinese-teaching cooperation with Canadian BCIT-TTA, a technology training company, and an agreement with Langenscheidt Publishing Group on the transfer of the copyright of My Chinese Picture Dictionary.

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