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Lively and Novel -- Hanban's Booth

In the exhibition hall, Hanban's booth had the most appealing Chinese style and also had the most visitors of all the Chinese exhibitors. The booth, covering a space of 192 square meters, displayed the characteristic style and features of Confucius Institutes and teaching resources. The booth was divided into two parts -- the larger one dedicated to exhibition of Confucius Institutes. In the middle of the booth was an exhibition board with Hanban's symbol on it. In front of the board was a performance area, where teachers and students from 31 Confucius Institutes in 15 European countries performed Chinese martial arts, lion dance and Chinese folk dancing. Three display boards, beside and behind the central board, were used to introduce the Confucius Institutes in Europe. Over the booth was a white screen in the shape of a scroll. The video on the Confucius Institute was repeatedly shown on the screen. Opposite the Confucius Institute division was the teaching resources area with all sorts of Chinese teaching materials and audio-visual products on the shelves. The varied forms of exhibition attracted the attention of many visitors.

Teachers and students from Confucius Institutes in Germany offered cordial service to visitors. The students, standing before the counter covered with various pamphlets, introduced visitors to the curricula and activities of Confucius Institutes. Michael, a student from the Confucius Institute in Dusseldorf, displayed his Chinese calligraphy skills and mounting technique on a table nearby. The visitors, amazed by Michael's Chinese characters, queued up to ask him to write their names in Chinese. A student from Confucius Institute at Trier University , stood in front of the Chinese learning chart and taught visitors to speak Chinese. Two little German girls were fascinated by the "speaking" panda in the chart.

On October 14, a wonderful opening show was put on at Hanban's independent stage. The performers, all students from European Confucius Institutes, gave performances. A 77-year-old student from a Confucius Institute in France sang the well-known Chinese song "Full Moon." Several girls, from Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, danced in Chinese-style dress with paper umbrellas in hand. Three girls from the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki in Finland sang three Chinese songs. The Hanban booth was closely surrounded by fascinated visitors.

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