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--Notes on the Frankfurt Book Fair

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2009-10-22 14:06:52 

Good Start in Sino-German Cultural Exchanges

On October 13, the opening day of the book fair, China held a press conference --"Sino-German Cultural Exchange." The Chinese exhibitors made the first appearance at the conference, which attracted wide attention. Reporters and visitors had already crowded into the venue before it started. On behalf of the Chinese exhibitors, Director-General of Hanban and Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Mdm. Xu Lin attended the press conference. Mdm. Xu told the reporters of the initial vision of the Confucius Institutes, the rapid and vigorous development of Confucius Institutes in the past four years and also the cooperation with Germany. Mr. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann President of the Goethe-Institute expressed "jealousy" at the rapid development of Confucius Institutes. His witty remarks aroused great interest among reporters, who enthusiastically raised questions in the lively atmosphere.

Mdm.. Xu said: "To meet the overseas demand for learning Chinese and learning about Chinese culture, China's Hanban began setting up non-profit Confucius Institutes in 2004 with the help of the experience of the famous language organizations like the British Council of Culture, Alliance Francaise and especially the Goethe-Institute. She said: "The existence of Confucius Institutes is not long but the development is rapid". As of October 2009, 282 Confucius Institutes and 241 Confucius classes have been established in 87 countries and regions. The Confucius Institutes in Germany have also gained support from the government and various social sectors. So far, there are 11 Confucius Institutes and one Confucius class in Germany. "These institutes and this class are in sound operation this year," Mdm. Xu said.

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