Hanban’s Volunteer Chinese Teachers Leave for Germany

[Source]    Division of Teachers and Volunteers [Time]    2009-10-15 14:51:57 

On Oct. 13, 31 volunteer Chinese teachers dispatched by Hanban for the Sino-German foreign language teaching assistants exchange program arrived in Bonn, Germany, they were assigned to 31 middle schools located within 10 provinces on 16th after being trained in Germany.

The day before, Hanban held a pre-service training program for the volunteers. Xue Hualing, Director of Division of Teachers and Volunteers encouraged volunteers to carry forward a voluntary spirit by, working hard to make contributions towards the friendly exchanges between China and Germany. Volunteers all said they would dedicate themselves to the cause of the international promotion of the Chinese language

Since Hanban and KMK launched the Sino-German foreign language teaching assistants exchange program in 2007, Hanban has successfully dispatched 60 volunteer Chinese teachers as teaching assistants to go to work in German middle schools. All of these volunteers have received praise from German schools. The demand for volunteer Chinese teachers is rising in Germany, 40 volunteers will be sent to Germany in the coming year.