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Review of the 8th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Student

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“Chinese Dream” Never Abandoned

“If only I had not known you, I would not have to depart from you now.” Such was Sophie’s concluding remarks in her note of thanks, sincere and affectionate.

Simple, succinct, and slightly sad, these words were actually the feelings of each contestant. They could hardly tear themselves away from the friendship which had developed among them, from the Chinese friends who were hospitable, friendly and kind, from the stage of the "Chinese Bridge": where they had shed sweat and tears, or from China, a land of gorgeous scenes, splendid culture, and great vitality, where they left their footprints.

Before departing, they made a video together, recording these indelible days of their life. Jason Peter from Australia fell seriously ill in the course of the competition, but under the meticulous care of the organizers, he participated in every event. In a shirt covered with the signatures of his peers and the staff members, Motoji became tearful.

Brian Andrew, a tough guy from the United States, was also on the verge of tears. “When the rapturous applause fades into stillness, I won’t forget. Many things here and many moments here make it hard for me to leave you. I’m compelled to return. I’ll never give up my Chinese dream!”

The "Chinese Bridge", built by the Hanban, spans over all obstacles, con- necting China, an ancient and myste- rious country, to every corner of the world. It is a bridge to culture, to the soul, to the ideal, and to harmony. The bridge is based on the splendid and profound Chinese culture and ornamented with the ancient and graceful Chinese language. Over the bridge cross international college students who are curious and ambitious about Chinese culture.

“In Changsha gathered contestants from many countries. Via charismatic Chinese mutual concern was conveyed. The "Chinese Bridge" reaches to every corner of the world, creating win-win situations among all those involved.” This is an impromptu poem titled “Great Chinese Bridge”. It gave expression to the essence of the event as well as the expectations for future events. The "Chinese Bridge" inspires hope, friendship, and peace in the hearts and minds of contestants from every corner of the earth.

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