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Review of the 8th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Student

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Unforgettable Trip To China

Isn’t it a delight to have friends come from afar?” The contestants’ exploration of Chinese culture commenced in Beijing on July 7. They were divided into 3 groups going to Shanghai, Qingdao, and Fenghuang, a remote town in Hunan. There they got a taste of traditional Chinese culture.

In Beijing, the contestants visited the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, the Olympic venues, getting a glimpse of the authentic Beijing. In Shanghai, they journeyed to Zhujiajiao, a gorgeous ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River. The century-old delicacies at Chenghuangmiao made their mouths water. The antiquity and modernity of Shanghai caught them by surprise. In Qingdao, they drank the famous beer, eat sea food, did the yangko dance, went sailing, and abandoned themselves to the fantastic merging of sea and sky in this northern coastal city. In Fenghuang, a beautiful little town of Hunan, they went boating on the Tuojiang River and climbed the Southern Great Wall. They were touched by the vigorous ambience of west Hunan – its mighty mountains, winding waters, and primitive customs.

An eye-opener, this trip gave the contestants a chance to experience genuine Chinese culture. Lian Robert Bates, a young man from Switzerland, attended the competition on crutches despite two operations on his leg. At the sight of sugar painting, he exclaimed about the cleverness of the Chinese people: “Sugar works as both the paint and the brush. It soon turns into a stunning piece of art. What a miracle!” What impressed Randy – an American youth – most was the Miao love songs sung by a boatman on the Tuojiang River. He said he was determined to come again to learn more love songs so that he could sing them with his girlfriend antiphonally.

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